How to Delete Facebook Group in one Click ?

It is not possible to delete a Facebook group in one click if you admin of that page. You may follow all of these steps. 

If you're a group admin and you want to permanently remove your group from Facebook, you can delete it. Deleting a group is a permanent action that cannot be reversed. Groups are deleted when they have no member

To delete a group:

  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group from Groups You Manage or by searching for it.
  2. Click Members below the name of the group.
  3. Click  three dot *** next to each member's name and select Remove member.
  4. Click Confirm.
  5. Once you've removed the other members, click three dot *** next to your name and select Leave Group.
  6. Click Leave Group.

Note: If you're an admin, you can't delete a group that you didn't create unless the original creator chooses to leave it. Group members aren't notified when you delete a group.

Archiving a group is no longer available.